What is this?

Someone urged me to donate questions included in my Voice and Noise to Dropping Knowledge and after I saw what they were up to I went fishing and came up with the following 64! that I sent them, and there are even many more in the pond where these came from.

What I did not ask, though I might, is if as Thomas Friedman says the world is beginning to look flat again, or even if it stays its roundest round, whether you do not get the fullest and best perspective on the issues by looking at them from the middle, or do you really need to position yourself, in a quite convoluted way, in of the two extreme angles? I ask this since I am under the impression that day by day, those of us in the middle, are in fact turning into the only true extremists.

From my questions listed below, I hope anyone should be able to conclude that analyzing issues from the middle, does not necessarily make you a bland-blah, and that you could even be something of a “radical of the middle”.

Well here are my 64 questions, let’s see how many of them make it out there, in the extremes?

By the way if anyone believes one could be better phrased, please send me your suggestion to perkurowski@gmail.com